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B l o m. 

Expertise: Pottery, 3D Modeling, Sketching

Tools:  Solid works 


Durantion: 6 months 


The main object of this project was to understand the process of making a mould and experiment with the different high-density ceramic results that you can have with just one mould.


The exploration process starts with sketches and models to play with proportion, texture and details.


After the form was defined, with the help of new technologies as Solid Works I start the modelling of the piece, being aware that the model has to be at least 16% bigger than the size I want because of the nature of the ceramic. Once the model ready to go the 3D Model was printed to start with the clay molds. 

Once the mold was ready its time to have more fun and see the different types of glaze and techniques, like crazing, dipping, engobe, etc.

This project was develope at Taller el Camaleón under the mentoring of Vianney Bustindui Martos. 

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