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free the mom!

Company: GSA

Provide expertise:  Service Design | User Research 

Team:  Partel Unga, Liu Yunge, Jun Shi and Xiyue Chen. 

Duration: 3 months

As part of the master of Innovation and Service Design at The Glasgow School of Arts, I had the chance to be part of a multidisciplinary group to work around the topic of how can we break whit the stereotype of the meaning of motherhood. 

What is it?

Free the mom work like support and awareness service that help all the person involve in motherhood to understand what is the real meaning of it.  

As a result of the rolls of taking care of the baby will change creating better communication and behaviours between mothers, family, friends and significant others. 

Who is it for?

We design a program to make awareness that has two targets, one is the mother itself with a tool kit that she can use after she has the baby to manage her time and make her understand that she deserves to have time for herself and that is fine.


The other target to tackle is the people that live around the mother to make them understand that mothers need support form them and deserve time for herself, for this, we design an exhibition that shows all the stress that a mother has just for the fact of being a mom. 



we decided to take motherhood as a starting point. Then, we continued with one aspect of it that is: The baby blues. 

To understand better,  we created mega maps to analysed the different layers of baby blues.    

Through the HMW technique, we start developing questions to find an opportunity area and then, we voted for the one that we believed was more accurate.


To understand better the experience of being a mother, we designed an engagement tool to have interviews with new mothers that are around us.


Based on the desk research, interviews and articles we found that:


  • The is a predisposition on society about motherhood expertise comes by nature on the female gender in high.

  • There is an unreal pressure on new moms to handle the pregnancy and motherhood as something no hard to manage.

  • Ones the baby is born the health of the mom can be left out and this can create complications.

  • There is a social gilt when moms ask for help or for break time to take care of their selves.


¿how can we break whit the stereotype of the meaning of motherhood?


For the mom:

We developed a toolkit to help the mother with: Organize her time so she can have time for her, a playlist that help her to relax, a diary to have a moment to take away all the feeling and thank you card (to create a real connection with people around her).

To answer this question we decide to design two ways to make awareness one for the mother and one for people in general:

For people: 

We developed an exhibition with sensor room: images about what social media shows motherhood is and what it really is and examples of the situations that a mother has to handle every day.



The project is currently in the testing phase. We are gathering more insights so we can start making the tool kits and share them in communities in Glasgow. 

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