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I´m Carolina Moyano Izquierdo a Mexican designer with Colombian heritage. I  studied the masters in Innovation and Service Design at The Glasgow School of Arts (GSA). 

Since I was a kid, I was always interested in understanding how an object has been made and why it was made in that way, as a result of this curiousness  I end up having fun as an Industrial Designer, through all this process I become more and more interested in seeing how design can resolve problems in situations we never connect to design like for example Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson. 

Through my studies in Centro de Diseño Cine y Television doing my bachelor degree in Industrial Design and my studies in Glasgow School of Arts, I have learning and developing different design strategies to solve a problem like design research, brainstorming, prototyping,  engagement tools, storyboarding, analysis of information etc.
In my student life,  I have the opportunity to learn from Nike, Herman Miller and Google different ways to resolve problems through design techniques.
 My professional journey starts with Veta which is a Mexican furniture company, with manufacture 100% Mexican, in Veta, I was responsible for the retail area. 
Which cover, customer service, production, shipping, logistics, and design some of the products that are sold on the web page.  
Apart from that, I had a business focus on 3D modelling and 3D printing. 
Through my professional experience  I developed the skills to manage my time and learn an insight for my life:
 "the boom" comes along with a lot of tryings, the key is never to stop trying. If you always stay true to yourself and if what you believe it you are going to tackle the goal.
My values are never had excuses, hard work and always be humble. 
One of the thing that I love about what I do is to have the chance to work with and for different people because that means new challenges.
I´m in love with social design; one of my favourite projects was PAD, which is tableware for people with dementia and the people that are around them, with the main goal of giving dignity to the user and connect more with them, families or helpers, in the dinner time. 

I´m a true believer of design as a tool to solve real problems, the design is not just made esthetic things. 
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