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Bam bam: Be a man.

Personal project. 

Provide expertise: UX Designer | Design Researcher | Service Designer.

Team: UX Designer | Design Researcher | Service Designer.

Duration: 4 months

How does it work?

Bam bam is a service focus in providing information and assistance related to sex education, relationship behaviour, communication, pleasure and, toxic masculinity.  A platform free od violence against women, creating a community of real man, not a mainstream-media-man.

The core values of this project are to prevent sexual violence to happen through educational tools.

Who is it for?


This project is focused on humans that identify as a male between 13 to 28 years olds that have the interest to explore their sexuality and how to enjoy it safely.



Violence against women is a worldwide topic, based on my research at least 40% of the global women population experienced some type of violence, and these are just register cases. 

But do we know how many cases are not registered?


Simultaneously, I realise the number of existent services covering this world issue is focused on supporting the victim after the assault, but there are not enough services for preventing this from happening. But why?


 I decided to focus on one issue at a time. For the propose of this project, I decided to centre on sexual violence.

Where do we learn our sexual behaviours? How does this affect our reality?

I had the opportunity to have some discussion groups with males between 20 to 28 years olds from different parts of the world to know more about their sexual behaviour.



  • Males do not use to talk about sexual topics with men they don’t know.

  • Porn is their main source of “new techniques” and expectations.

  • If a man has doubt about their sexual experience or body issue related to a sexual encounter, their first source of information is from friends, professional advice is not even considered.  

  • Men feel more comfortable talking about sexual topics anonymously.

Stakeholder map.



How to teach the user safe sexual behaviours in an engaging way?


After a round of ideation through brainstorming, crazy 8, prototyping, and feedback sessions. I developed Bam bam: Be a man.


The Result.

The features of bam bam are:

About: Introduction to the project.

Films: Documentaries on finding pleasure, history of pornography, relationship communication.

Blog: Anonymous and safe space to ask for help to experts about men’s behaviour issues, sexual issues. This blog will be assisted by experts.

Community: A collection of articles and podcast made by and for the members talking about the issues shared in the blog.


Be one of us: A Membership program to encourage users to be part of the movement through a welcoming kit that includes Be A Man Handbook (sex education for men, focussing on pleasure, communication and knowledge exercises), condoms, lube and male and female sexual organ models that will be used for exercise in the handbook.

Service Design Blueprint.


Impact and Outcome:

This project is under development, at the moment the main focus is to finish the book by the end of the year. At the same time, the platform is being constructed.


 Important to mention that Bam Bam is just the first step of this project.

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