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Diseñador de prototipos

Mi salud en casa

Company: Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión / Hospital ABC.

Expertise: UX Design | Service Design | User Research 

Team: Cheryl Heller, Paola Cornejo, Centro students (privacy) 

Duration: 3 months.

I was the team leader of a multidisciplinary group working around silent heart attacks symptoms in women. As part of the Student Service Design Challenge 2020 sponsor by Philips and IBM.

How does it work?

Heart to heart is a platform built to enable researchers and health institutions to gather enough data about heart attacks in women to start a campaign about awareness of this disease and what is the difference between male symptoms and feme symptoms of it.

For most of the medical research, to have a real-time base of data is indispensable to have accurate results that’s were heart to heart asses the researcher whit the information they need with real users in real-time.  At the same time, the platform shares information, to the user to spread awareness to encourage the user to take care of their health.




Gather data 

Who is it for?

For women between the 30 to 60 years olds, whit a sedentary lifestyle that is looking to take care of their health.



As part of the desk research, we realized that one of the common problems referring to heart heath was that the symptoms between men and women are different.

Unfortunately, most of the symptoms in women can be misdiagnosed as PMS or menopause.


How might we provide women with an easy way of monitoring their heart health and understanding the risk factors?

To find insight, we started interviewing experts:


Engagement tools were used to have interviews whit the main user, helping us to understand which were the symptoms they experience trough the heart attack:


Participants wrote or draw their symptoms on body-shape paper.



Based on the research we started the ideation process, with tools like brainstorming, crazy 8 and storytelling. 



App: Creating friendly interfaces for everyone.  Simplicity was key not to lose the attention of the user, visualisation of data was one of the main parts of the app an also emergency bottoms if the user needs to ask for help.




Impact and Outcome:

The core goal of this project was not just to help the researchers to gather more data but to make awareness of this gap of data to encourage the user to be part of the research.  We include the audience that wants to help even if they are not part of the target codesigning the project with everyone.

The final proposal was well received by the experts and users. 

At the moment the project is in process of evaluation.

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