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Your Story Matter


Company: Chayn

Provide expertise:  UX Design | Graphic Designer

Team:  Hera Hussain, Beatriz  Diaz Bernal, Valentina Montagna

Duration: 6 months

Live product: 2 years and counting! 

Chayn is a non-profit network addressing gender-based violence by creating intersectional survivor-led resources online.

How does it work?

YSM is a platform that offers a secure source of information, assistance and, courses of what to expect after a sexual assault through an app that gives them privacy and is anonymous.

Who is it for? 

For survivors of sexual assault around the world.

How did I help?

As part of the UX design team, I was responsible to developing the flows of the Sign-in / Login / Forgot your password journey.


Simultaneously to the UX design process, I was responsible for the look and feel of the app. 


The background had to have enough presence without taking the attention to the core content of the app.


I develop a series of illustration for each feature of the app.


 The challenge was to create new one's illustrations based on the esthetics they were using before. 


Illustration they were usign 

While developing the illustrations I follow guideless including culture inclusivity, a butterfly symbol, simplicity


Getting better and moving on.


Tell someone about what happened.


How to apply for asylum in the UK.


As for the launch preparation, I was responsible for the filters for social media and graphic design for the post.



The global launch for the web app was the 19 November 2020.  At the moment we have registered more than 1k of users and we are going for more! 

Do you want to see the product? Please click the link below: 

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